( Cowboy King Frost APHA 312077 x  Prissys Last Gal PtHA 101530)
April 1 2004 Black and White Tobiano Pinto Filly

PtHA 119798

This gorgeous black and white tobiano filly was sold as a yearling to Dawn, a stunning lady herself, as well as an accomplished horse woman and New York City Police Officer.

Dawn did all of the training for Cassie under saddle by herself. Cassie has become her personal war mare, demonstrating fierce loyalty and heart to Dawn. Dawn is pictured above riding Cassie in the 2008 New York City 5th Avenue St. Patrick's Day Parade! Cassie was not quite 4 years old and was the youngest horse in the parade! Quite a wonderful accomplishment for Cassie at such a young age. Congratulations Dawn on an incredible job!

Dawn writes "You can't imagine how strong she is.  Every inch of that is muscle.  You smack her, you hurt your hand."

Dawn is preparing Cassie for The Extreme Cowboy Race or barrels. " She is definitely an extreme horse.  Nothing pleases her so much as running up and down mountains at full gallop or hairpin turns. She is unbeatable in trail races". Cassie is pictured above at 3 years old in her genuine Navajo Bareback set standing with her owner, Dawn.



Cowboys Calico Gal Cowboy King Frost
APHA 312077
Cowboy Frost
APHA 169361
Jack Frost
Sorrell Tobiano
APHA 85049
My Happiness
APHA 37295
Royal's Miss Pistol
AQHA 2,087,648
Royal Monarch
AQHA 121442
Pistol Jamie
AQHA 1,269,032
Prissys Last Gal
PtHA 101530
JD Bandit
APHA 277973
Pastor John 
APHA 158024
Miss CC Bandit
APHA 150336
Prissys Gal
PtHA 71686

Pictured August 3 2005.

March 2005 Photo Album

March 2005 Windows Media Video (1000 KB)
March 2005 Flash Video of above Part 1 (700 KB)
April 2005 Windows Media Video #2 (1700 KB)
April 2005 Windows Media Video #3 (2300 KB)


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