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Pintabian Custom Taylored CTA
Custom Taylored CTA
(LA Black Legacy x Winter Storm CTA)
Reg AHA and PtHA
2009 Tri-Color 99% Arabian Pinto Stallion

Frozen Semen Available for export to Canada and Europe
DNA Profile on file with Arabian Horse Assoc of America


Kings Muscateer CTA
(Leo Dakota GB x TC Annatasia)
International Multi Champion.
Standing at stud in England, UK
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Royal Crusader CTA
(Leo Dakota GB x TC Annatasia)
Half-Arabian Half-American Paint
Standing at stud in Florida
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Cross Timbers Arabians and Pintos is home to some of the finest Arabian, Pinto and Paint bloodlines. We select our stallions based on a phenotype that is backed by their genotype.
We expect the stallions we use for breeding to exhibit a good disposition, size, correctness in conformation, the ability to perform under saddle in a variety of disciplines in addition to extreme beauty.

We are excited to stand the black and white double homozygous black tobiano PtHA APHA registered stallion, Leo Dakota GB. Kody has been tested for both homozgyous black , N/N for lethal white, and homozygous tobiano pinto. He has never sired a red or a solid. Kody has met not only the DNA testing by the University of Kentucky for probable homozygous tobiano, but has also met the statistcial requirement of producing 10 tobianos out of solid mares without ever siring a solid. You cannot be homozygous for tobiano pinto if you sire a solid foal! Some people may tell you their homozygous stallion occassionally sires a solid foal and will still claim he is still homozygous tobiano, accreditied scientific resources and registries such as the American Paint Horse Association as well as UC Davis Vet Genetics Laboratores clearly state that " A horse that produces any non-tobiano colored foals is not homozygous for tobiano." A horse bred to at least 10 solid colored mates that has only tobiano foals is statistically 99.9% certain to be homozygous. "In 2008, The University of Kentucky has come out with a 100% Accurate DNA test for tobiano testing. Older tobiano testing results were not 100%^ accurate prior to the the research test developed by the University of Kentucky and therefore a stallion could show a positive homozygous tobiano test result, but in fact was not homozgyous for the tobiano gene.

Our first foal from Leo Dakota became a 2004 PtHA unanimous World Champion at only 4 months old competing against older stallions. In 2005 with his second Pinto Arabian foal crop with us, two weanling 16 week old foals went to the PtHA World for their first trip off the ranch and their first show and took home TT World Champioship titles in Open Halter with amateur handlers competing against all older horses with show records and professional handlers! His oldest yearling took a Reserve World Championship in Open competition against seasoned show horses and professional handlers as well as earning several TT World Championship titles. Every foal by Leo Dakota that has been shown todate has earned World Championship titles! His 2005 TT World Champion Pinto Arabian colt, Kings Muscateer CTA, was exported to England, UK and has been shown to many Supreme/Championships at the major UK shows and is standing at stud at ThorneLeigh Arabians. King as a yearling, took the Chamionship - any breed- any type- youngstock at the 2006 CHAPS show, as well as several other Championshiips titles. Click here to read more about Kings Muscateer CTA.

Leo Dakota has the nicest disposition of any stallion that we have seen and is often mistaken for a gelding since his demeanor is so quiet and well behaved even when standing around mares in season. He demonstrates incredible athletic ability and is a natural at cutting and jumping and will try any obstacle you point him at under saddle. His natural head carriage and gaits makes him not only a wonderful reiner but he is also very awesome in a dressage saddle. His head is very beautiful with large expressive eyes a refined muzzle and deep jowl. Due to his universal beauty and level croup, many people have mistaken Leo Dakota for a Half Arabian and are often quite shocked to learn that he is a Paint with famous foundation American Quarterhorses such as Leo and King as well as racing lines to SmoothNEasy in his breeding. With his natural loving disposition and incredible beauty packed in a muscular athletic build, visitors to the farm are always drawn to his stall.

Our Pinto Arabian and Black Arabian breeding program is headed up by our magnificent black Arabian stallion, LA Black Legacy. He is 15 hands 2 inches in barefeet. In his younger years, with English show shoes on he has been measured at almost 16H. Legacy combines the beauty and elegance of his champion straight Egyptian sire, The Atticus, a The Minstril son, with the taller and more heavier built performance Polish bloodlines from his dam's side, such as National Champion Park horse Mikado, a full brother to the Varian bred Champion stallion Bey El Bey. Legacy's head is typical of the gorgeous faces of The Atticus offspring, who exhibit large expressive eyes, dished heads and tipped ears. Legacy has a tail set that a lot of Arabian owners have to artificially enhance in order to get their horses to lift their tail in the manner he does naturally. He carries his tail high and arched at the walk and his tail is often carried straight up at the trot. Legacy's tail female line traces through close up Polish imported lines that are known for their extra substance, athletic ability and trot. Legacy was shown under saddle as a Junior horse and came home with the blue with his first show, first class competing against a full size hunter class. With his size, beauty and athletic ability combined with the fact that his pedigree indicates that his ancestors also possess these same attributes we expect Legacy to add the next step in our breeding program with our 31/32 Pinto Arabian mares whose offspring will be 63/64 Arabian and Pintabian producers. . Click on Legacy's picture to see his pedigree, photo album and online video clips.

It is rare when we keep a colt, but Custom Taylored CTA is one colt that has stood out from the crowd with his incredible Arabian type, disposition, personality and sheer beauty. He is unique in that he is over 99%Arabian with 98.6% documented with the Arabian Horse Association and he is not related to the majority of Pintabian foals produced in American who are decended from the same pinto stallion and whose breed standard is pony size. Taylor is closely related to our other World, National and International Champions and has some of the top Arabian bloodlines that are used around the World for purebred Arabian horses. He brings together - Shaikh Ali, Ruminaja Ali, The Minstril, Muscat, Ibn Morafic, Nazeer, Aurab, Abdullah, Aladdinn, Raffles, Arax, Priboj, Silver Drift, Hal Gazal, Fadjur, Patron and many more. He is a wonderful blend of the best of Crabbet, Russian, Polish and Egyptian bloodlines in a beautiful flashy tobiano horse. His head with its huge eyes, tippy ears and teacup muzzle on a wonderfully arched neck rivals some of the top halter purebred Arabians. This is a colt that has stopped traffic and had people pull to the side of the road to get a better look at him! We expect wonderful things from him in our breeding program. He has been tested SCID and CA clear. DNA parentage and Profile on File with the AHA. He is also an AHA Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire. We have frozen semen tested, collected and stored with Select Breeders Services that is qualified for Canada, Europe and AU. . Click here to see more information.

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