Custom Taylored CTA
(LA Black Legacy  x  Winter Storm CTA)

15.1H March 1 2009 tri-color bay tobiano Pinto Arabian Pintabian Stallion

Arabian Horse Association HAHR #6A369089
PtHA reg 137948
- Not a Carrier Cerebellar Abiotrophy - UC Davis 1554-7504-6849-2193
SCID Clear - VetGen report 400016333
LFS N/N - Not a Carrier of Lavender Foal Syndrom .UC Davis 9864-0416-2151-1195

EVA tested Negative(Clear)
Arabian Horse Association Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire!
Available To Approved Quality Mares by Tested Frozen Semen Only
(Semen qualified for USA and export to Canada, European Union and through our partner in Australia)

Tail Female Lineage:  Kuhaylah Rodaniyah (Rodania dtr, Rosemary)
Unmistakably Arabian- No Make-up Needed - One of Nature's Most Beautiful Creations!
99% Arabian, 63/64 documented Arabian with the AHA.
Taylor will be a Pintabian producer of 99%+ Arabian foals when bred to purebred Arabian mares.
Extremely elegant and refined with huge dark eyes and a dished head on a long elegant neck.

18 months old - eating grass and taking a trot through the pasture

5 months old

Taylor will be a Pintabian producer of 99%+ Arabian foals when bred to purebred Arabian mares. Those resulting foals are eligible for registration with the Arabian Horse Association and will show not just 1A = 50% Arabian blood, but will show 7A = 99.2% Arabian blood documented with the Arabian Horse Association of America on their papers.

Extremely elegant and refined with huge dark eyes and a dished head on a long elegant neck.

Taylor has one of the most extreme Arabian heads with a teacup muzzle. His head is better than most purebred Arabian horses!! If you only saw a photo of his head and neck you would think he was a National World Champion halter quality purebred Arabian!!!

A lot of foals start off looking like a beautiful Arabian with a dished head, but check out what happens to their head when they are older. Even Saddlebred foals can have a short dished head as a foal, but as they age the nose gets longer and they develop the traditional long nose and high eye placement of a saddlebred. Taylor had an extreme head as a foal. But just like a great quality purebred Arabian, Taylor is getting more Arabian type with age that will really become its most ultra extreme after 5 years of age! We have relatives that we have bred and raised, so we know what this cross produces!

But don't stop there, one International Champion European Arabian breeder interested in breeding to Taylor, commented when he saw him in person that "his photos and videos do not do him justice! "- "He is the complete package". He has an awesome arched neck with great throat latch, short strong back with level croup on a great athletic hind end and his cheerful flag tail carriage. He has the X-factor of charisma and personality. You will not find another Pintabian producer that has his EXTREME Arabian beauty, size , quality and incredible world champion recognized bloodlines.

His pedigree on both sides has World, National and International Champions and producers of champions from around the world! Most every international breeder from all around the world has instantly recognized the outstanding horses in his pedigree! Not only that, Taylor has blood siblings that have won multiple world championship titles around the world!

We even have people that want to buy a SOLID colored foal from him out of an Arabian mare because he is just that beautiful and athletic!!!!

Ask yourself would you even consider breeding or buying a Pinto Arabian if that same horse was not pinto colored! It is not just about getting Pinto markings, it is about producing the BEST ARABIAN looking and athletic individual that you can, regardless of color!


His sire, La Black Legacy, is a beautiful tall Black Egyptian Polish bred Arabian stallion. He is a The Minstril grandson and he also traces to imported Polish lines as well as Varian Arabians National Park Horse Champion, Mikado. Legacy adds length of leg, refinement as well as wonderful movement to his foals.

His dam, Winter Storm CTA, is a maternal sister to several World, National and International Champions. She was a Res. CH Futurity winner only time shown.

Taylor is related to the 50% Arabian Pinto Champions that are pictured below through his dam, Winter Storm CTA.
TC Annatasia is the purebred Arabian dam of Kings Muscateer CTA, Sugar N Spice CTA and Taylor's dam Winter Storm CTA. Storm is the only high percentage Arabian produced by TC Annatasia with the other sire's being either Saddlebred or American Paint horse .Sugar N Spice CTA is 50% Saddlebred and the others are 50% American Paint Horse. TC Annatasia's full sister produced the winning Pinto Arabians Starlight Express and My JigSaw Puzzle CTA.
Taylor is 99% Arabian with over 6 generations of Arabian breeding.

This colt stops traffic when people see him. People have commented that his photos and videos do not do him justice as he exudes charisma. Some people have commented that he is almost too beautiful.

click here to view the online interactive pedigree database to see more generations.

Custom Taylored CTA

Fine Time Finessa

Champion Halter and Performance Mare. Descending from a long line of champions and champion producers sire and dam side.

pintabian stallion for sale
Orion Desert Star CTA
Jan 4 2014
99.2+% Arabian Registered with the Arabian Horse Assoc of America. Tri-Color, bay Tobiano colt. Pictured at 1 day, conformation unaltered. I am saving Ryan to be my last show horse and best riding buddy. He is a product of my 40 year breeding program of breeding the best Champion Arabian bloodlines from the great Arabian studs of Australia, England, Poland, Russia, Egypt, USA and Arabia to achieve a PInto Arabian that rivals the best purebreds.


Click Here for Youtube Video


Frozen Semen Only - Limited to Hiqh Quality, Approved Mares

Frozen tested and prepared by Select Breeders Services - at 1.5 times higher motility than commercial straw standards .

Limited Frozen Semen Available that has been tested and qualified for the USA and export to Canada, European Union and through our partner in Australia



Frozen Straws Qualified for USA and export to Canada and Europe.
Australian doses available in Australia through our Australian partner( email me for contact info).

It costs ALOT more money to qualify frozen straws for export versus frozen straws that are qualified only for sale in the USA.

The stallion has to be kept boarded and quaratined for a couple of months in a USDA facility. A lot of disease testing is done every week or two during the entire quarantine period. Each time those tests are performed the vet bill can be just as expensive as the cost of one cooled semen collection. It is also very expensive to test the frozen straws on a live test mare. The straws have to be shipped to a test faclility that has test mares so that the frozen straws are used on a test mare to see if the mare(s) can becomes pregnant. These mare go through the same palpitations, sonograms, shots, etc that you would have to pay your vet to do to breed your mare and determine pregnancy about 14 days afterward. That is why Frozen Export straws are far more expensive than frozen straws just collected for use in the USA.

These Frozen straws have been tested by SBS at over 1.5 times higher motility than the commercial frozen standard . Taylor had one of the highest fertility and motility counts available!

2 test mares were bred using frozen straws that had been prepared using the extender tested by Select Breeders Services that had the best motility performance results .
One mare was bred with one dose, Post-Ovulation and was confirmed pregnant.
One mare was bred with one dose Pre-Ovulation and one dose Post-Ovulation and was confirmed in foal.

Fee Descriptions When: Paid To: Amount

Frozen Straws-

Frozen can be more cost effective than paying for multiple collections . It is easier to time the delivery of frozen versus cooled because frozen does not need to be used within 24-48 hours. 2 Doses can be done in a cycle without having to pay for 2 collections and shipping. 2 Cycles of doses can be paid for with only 1 shipping cost and for less than the cost to collect and ship several times.


. Read more information here on frozen

To be paid prior to shipment Stallion Owner

$1200 per Dose . It is recommended by SBS that you use 1 dose within 12 hours prior to ovulation and 1 dose within 12 hours after ovulation. Taylor's frozen has been tested on live mares and has had mares conceive in one cycle using one and 2 doses. using SBS recommended insemination techniques..
- ------

~8 straws per Breeding Dose.

Frozen Straws -

Frozen is qualified for Canada and Europe.

We have a partner in Australia that is selling frozen straws, email for more info.

To be paid prior to shipment Select Breeders Services

Shipping and Handling to Your Vet . SBS handles and arranges for export and shipping. Contact SBS for their fee schedule cost.


Any other AI associated Fees are mare owner's responsiblity.     Mare owner is responsible for any Registration/export/import fees required by their country, vet or registry association.


Email for Frozen Shipment Inquires.

2 test mares were bred using the extender tested by Select Breeders Services with the best performance results . One mare was bred with one dose, Post-Ovulation and was confirmed pregnant. One mare was bred once Pre-Ovulation and once Post-Ovulation and was confirmed in foal. You must follow SBS frozen insemination guidelines for usage of their frozen semen and this must be preformed by a qualified, experienced equine vet.

They say that the brightest and most beautiful candles lives are the shortest. Taylor was no exception. He was the most beautiful, charismatic and epitomomy of the Arabian type of the largest colletion of famous ancestors bloodlines spanning World and National Champions around the world. We are fortunate to have collected a limited number of frozen breeding straws that are qualified for export to Canada, the European Union, Australia and the USA. Each breeding dose is highly tested for motility and fertility. There is a limited number of precious breeding doses. So we will only sell breeding doses to mares that we believe will continue on our commitment to the highest quality of Pintabian, Pinto Arabian breeding.

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1 and 3 weeks old
5 months old 2700kb
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