World Champion My JigSaw Puzzle CTA

(Leo Dakota GB x Maestros Ariel)

Feb 1 2004 Bay Tobiano Pinto Arabian Colt
HAHR and PtHA registered
(pictured above at 4 months old)

Dan Mitchell of Dallas, Texas became the proud owner of JigSaw when JigSaw was only 7 days old. Dan continued JigSaw's  imprint training as well as training him for halter. At only 8 weeks old, JigSaw competed in his first Open show against seasoned Class A halter and Multi World Champions to bring home his first blue ribbon.
JigSaw was born with a natural charisma that makes him stand out in the show ring. His willingness to please, intelligence and correctness at such a young age has been marveled at by people coming up to see him after a show. Even at only 8 weeks old at his first horse show he stood quietly while a young toddler hugged his back leg while he was being groomed tied to a horse trailer in a noisy show parking lot. His head has such a large expressive eye combined with a deep dish, tipped ears and large jowl that visitors have commented that most purebreds could use a head as typey as JigSaw's. JigSaw's big adventure began when he was only 4 months old and just weaned from his dam. JigSaw made the trip to the Pinto Horse Association World Championship show in a trailer all by himself. He arrived in wonderful spirits and was bright eyed and curious, greeting any visitor that chanced by his stall at the show. JigSaw became a Unanimous World Champion Stallion in the 2 year old and under Pleasure Stallion class. What an accomplishment for a baby! JigSaw represents what our breeding program at Cross Timbers Arabians and Pintos is all about- disposition, type, athletic ability, intelligence and correctness in the beautiful tobiano pinto coloring. JigSaw may be homozygous for the Black color gene and he can only carry one copy of the Agouti gene as his sire is a Black/White tobiano stallion that is double homozygous for black and the tobiano pinto coloring genes. Without a doubt, JigSaw has the Arabian beauty, length of neck, high tail set and floating trot that most purebred Arabians aspire to have with the added bonus of the added substance, size and athletic ability of his cutting, reining and race bred ancestors in the beautiful tobiano coloring of the Pinto Arabian.


February- December 2004 Photo Album

December 2004 Short Flash Video Trotting clip   (572 KB)
December 2004 Animated Gif Trotting Picture   (200 KB)
December 2004 Short Flash Video Barrel Training clip   (360 KB)

Dec 2004 High Speed Internet Microsoft Media Video with music  #1     (3000Kb)

Dec 2004 Microsoft Media Video  - JigSaw in Barrel Training     (1800Kb)

2.5 Minute Microsoft Media Video  - 2004 PtHA World Championship show   (4000Kb)

My JigSaw Puzzle CTA - 8 weeks old to 8 months old - Flash Video

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