Reg APHA #00451589    PtHA #115646
1998 15.2H Homozygous Black and Homozygous Tobiano Stallion.
True Jet Black with non fading Black color!
Wonderful gentle disposition, intelligence and athletic ability.
Siring tall, gorgeous 50/50 colored pinto and paint foals.

Tested by the University of Kentucky for the Tobiano gene and found to be Homozygous for the tobiano genotype, so will produce the tobiano color pattern every time.
Tested by Shelterwood Laboratories, Inc and found to be homozygous for the Black Gene , so cannot sire a red.

Tested by UCL Davis VGL -Negative - N/N for Lethal White Overo

Leo Dakota has nice correct legs and conformation with good feet. He has a long upright neck with the athletic strides of a Hunter or Reining horse. Kody is a natural at jumping and loves to do it. He is very fast, responsive and agile at rounding barrels.

His disposition is unmatched in any other stallion we have seen.
We have had novice horse people hold him quietly while standing in the arena with a mare ready for him to breed.

In 2004, his first foal to be shown, a Pinto Arabian colt became a unamimous PtHA World Champion at only 4 months old!

In 2005, two 16 week old weanlings for their first show and one yearling were shown at the PtHA World bringing home a Reserve World Championship and 2 Top Ten World Championships.

In 2006, the only offspring shown this year, Kings Muscateer CTA, that was exported to England, UK became a multiple International and National Champion.

2008 - First offspring to be inspected by the American Warmblood Registry, 2008 Weanling Pinto Arabian , Fortuna PaintedMoon, receives an AWR 1st Premium! First year under saddle after being trained and ridden by her amateur owner, this mare wins Nat. CH High Point Jr. Horse of the year in competitive trail.

Arabian Mare owners, don't miss this wonderful opportunity to create your own designer Pinto Half-Arabian Sport Horse!

Note: The PtHA allows registration of mares and geldings (that have no evidence of draft or appaloosa breeding) exhibiting the color requirements for PtHA registration. That means that fillies or geldings sired by Kody out of a GRADE non papered dam maybe eligible for PtHA registration papers.

"PtHA can also register horse mares and geldings based on their color alone as well as any sex of ponies and minis.

The PtHA does not accept any horses with Appaloosa, draft or mule breeding and/or characteristics or known breeding within the previous four generations.Horse stallions cannot be registered unless both parents are registered with PtHA or a PtHA approved outcross breed.

Ponies and miniature stallions can be registered with undocumented parentage. "

Please click here for more PtHA information.

Standing at Stud:

LIVE COVER PRICE with Live Colored Foal Guarantee:
      $200 nonRefundable Current Breeding Season Booking Fee - reserves you a spot on the current breeding season calendar
   +    $600 Purebred Arabian Mares, Friesian, Reg. Tobiano or Tovero Mares
          OR  $400 for All Reg. Overo or Solid colored mares that are not purebred Arabian or Friesian
         OR $200 for NonPapered Grade Mares

    +  $200 PER SHIPMENT Paid Prior to each shipment request- Pays for a provided new disposable shipping container, coolant block kit; jump mare usage; inseason frozen mare urine + cleanup of stallion, jump mare and equipment prior to vet visit:
    +   $200 for Not APHA eligible foals OR $300 for American Paint Horse Assoication APHA foals payble PER BOOKING YEAR Paid at the time of signing contract- Pays for NonRefundable BOOKING FEE - reserves you a spot for the specified breeding season and helps pay for the cost of some of the registry association fees we have to pay prior to breeding a mare.
    +    All Veterinary collection/prep/shipment related costs are paid directly by you to ARGYLE VET CLINIC
Any AI related REGISTRY ASSOCIATION fees for registry associations that you want certificates signed for.

Kody was tested in June 2013 in full Texas heat and the vet says A+ motility and shipping testing for cooled shipments!

Shipped Semen Availability- Dr. Bitter of Argyle Vet can be scheduled to come out and collect/prep and ship most any day of the week, but FedEx does not run on SUNDAYS. You are responsible for all AI fees associated with the AI collection/prep and shipment directly to the vet. We are not a bank, so we will not be responsible for any AI associated fees or collection of such fees. You pay the vet directly and you must coordinate this with Argyle Vet. You MUST setup a billing account with Dr. Bitter prior to requesting any vet services!! Dr. Bitter estimates it would be about $350 to travel here and collect/prep + whatever actual cost is for Fed Ex is to ship overnight. Semen testing before shipping runs about $150 extra per collection and if you or your vet does not want it done, you must request that it not be done! You can call Dr. John Bitter directly at Argyle Vet Clinic to discuss pricing.
Dr. Bitter is competitively priced for his collection services for vets in this area as well as he is extremely flexible about working with your vet to get emergency collections done, which other vets won't do.

It is an Easy Process.

  1. Download Non APHA Mare Breeding Contract (APHA mare contract is the same, but with a $300 booking fee). Fill Out and Mail with your Booking Fee to us or pay with PayPal. If your mare is a registered American Quarterhorse, Jockey Club or American Paint Horse mare, we must receive your booking fee and contract at least 30 days before needing a shipment. I have to send your booking money to the APHA registry office to pay them to get Stallion and Mare AI permission certificates before I can collect and ship. They charge $$$ money to rush their work, so I need to get the request in allowing at least one month for them to get around to sending me the paperwork.
  2. Include information what month's you will be needing a shipment.
  3. Call Argyle Vet Hospital at Phone: 940.464.3231 and open a billing account for your mare within 1 month of needing your 1st shipment. Explain you need to open a billing account for your mare and you. You will be using Dr. John Bitter to collect/prep/ship the stallion, Leo Dakota GB at Cross Timbers Arabians and Pintos. Let them know the name/phone of your vet that will be timing your mare's insemination date. Other vets work at the hospital, be sure and request Dr. John Bitter. He is the owner and head vet at the hospital and I have found him to be the best at coming out here for handling the stallions and collecting. There is no extra charge for asking to use him.
  4. When you know that you will be needing a shipment, you can send us a payment through PayPal that pays for the AI transportation kit and to pay the help to prepare everything for the vet visit and cleanup afterward , or mail us a check and make sure it gets here 2 weeks before you need your shipment.
  5. Argyle Vet will call us to let us know when they will be arriving to collect the stallion.
  6. Argyle Vet collects/preps/ships the collection to your vet.
  7. Arygle Vet will bill you for their services.

AI will be available for American Paint Eligible Foals. There are APHA fees that they want paid to them before they will allow an AI shipment to be made to your mare to have a reg APHA foal . The APHA charges $100 fee for a AI permit fee + $10 Report Fee + $5 Mare Fee + $40 member fee. They require a minium of 30 days advance payment to get all of the certificates needed to send out an AI shipment, unless you want to pay about another $100+ rush fee to them. They are a large organization that employs a lot of people and are in the business to make money to keep their registry financially strong. Your $300 Booking Fee covers the cost of the AI APHA fees, but does not include their rush fee.

(100% Tobiano Pinto Guaranteed and cannot sire a Red)

Kody is a proven sire of multiple World Champion titled offspring!
100% of his foals shown have World Championship titles!

All of Kody's foals are eligible for free marketing help on our website's sale pages.

This may be the last season we stand him at stud as we are reducing the number of horses we own in order to prepare to enjoy our fun retirement years. Kody is offered for sale as a breeding stallion at a Private Treaty price. If you are looking for a horse for under $10,000, please see the sales list for foals that are sometimes offered in that price range. Serious Inquires only, no phone calls, email only.

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