Offering Full Care Pasture Horse Boarding

Pastures are fenced with tall horse mesh fencing. We built our fences with the safety of our mares and foals in mind.
Automatic heated waterers supply continuous water throughout the year in each pasture.
Round bales of quality coastal hay are available 24/7 as well as green grass during the growing seasons.
Lighted fully encloseable indoor riding arena, outdoor round pen and riding arena.
Plenty of space to park your horse trailer.
Property is fenced and gated for security.
Owner lives on the property and horses are within easy view.
Horses in the main pasture are fed a high quality performance grain ration in separate feeding pens
to ensure that each horse has time to eat their own food.

There is plenty of room to ride around the property.

Enjoy riding the Lake Lewisville Equestrian Riding Trails
We are located near one of the entrances to the Pilot Knoll Equestrian trails of Lake Lewisville.
The terrain is varied and offers views of the lake with several portions offering lots of riding under the canopies of trees.
There are miles of riding to do and offer hours of riding time. The trails are designated as equestrian and hiking only


Since we are primarily a breeding farm with breeding activities happening during parts of the year, we are an adult barn only.
We accept only a very limited number of horses
to prevent over crowding and over grazing of our pastures.

Preventing injury and illness is very important to us.
Horses are herd animals and will establish a herd ranking order.
Pasture boarding carries the inherent risk of bites and kicks.
Our horses tend to be on the bottom of the pecking order
and no amount of board money is worth having one of our prized champion horses get hurt or sick,
so we do not want to board horses that are known to be aggressive to other horses or people.
In the past 10 years, we have never had a boarding horse colic while under our full care
and that is on a recommended worming program.
We have been recommended by local vets as a first class safe pasture boarding facility.

Our pastures have been planted with berumuda grass as well as winter grass.
We have gone to great effort to water, fertilize and weed these pastues.
We also provide a buffet of quality coastal hay 24/7 along with a daily high quality horse pellet.
If your horse has a problem with over eating, this is not the place to be as most horses tend to get fat here.
If your horse has always been a skinny or ribby horse please do not expect him to all of a sudden become an easy keeper here.

If this is your first horse and you are a new horse owner or
if you have never pasture boarded
a horse we recommend you try stall boarding with community turn-out first,
inorder to determine if you can handle what happens to your horse in a herd environment.
We have found that new horse owner's can have expectations that pasture boarding
is just not going to provide.
Our neighbor, High Meadow Arabians, is a beautiful well-kept professional full care stall boarding stable
with many barns to choose from, barn parties, lots of people to socialize with, lots of amenities,
and has community daily turn-out.


We are a quiet adult facility where most boarders love to ride the trails.

$375 a month per horse.
Includes hay and daily feeding of up to 3 lbs high quality horse performance pellet.
(Please note- when hay prices go through the roof during a drought and they are selling a small bale of horse hay that would normally sell for $6 at $16+, we have to add a hay surcharge to cover the extra cost to feed your horse. A horse can easily eat $400 worth of hay in a month when hay is scarce due to drought.
Call any of our local feed stores such as Argyle Feed Store in Argyle or D&L feed store in Denton to get the current cost of hay and performance horse feed.

PLEASE NOTE: As of Dec 2014 we are currently do not have any board openings. We usually have only 1 or 2 openings happen every 1 -2 years. We are an ideal place for people that love to ride the trails and be able to have their horse in an uncrowded pasture along with the amenities that most pasture boarding faciliteis don't offer, so, openings are pretty rare. Our neighbor High Meadow Arabians is a full care 75 stall professional boarding facility and usually has openings available.

If you just need plain old fashioned pasture boarding on 60+ acres with a large pond, trees, roping arena, barrel racing course, etc , near the lakeside trails , our friend Bob offers pasture boarding starting at $200 a month (+ cost of hay during months the pasture is not growing), per horse and is located in our area, click here to visit Bob's website to see more information.

For People that think you can take care of a horse for less than $200 a month in North Texas-
Please read this news story!

Additional Services

Extra Performance Grain Ration
50 cents lb
Extra Alfalfa Pellets / Soaked Alfalfa Cubes
50 cents lb
Daily Multi Vitamin Mineral Electrolytes (click here for product information) $30 /month
Ivermectin or Pyrantel Pamoate Paste Wormer added to feed $10
Get and Hold Horse for Farrier (Note: some farriers will go get your horse and do not require someone to hold the horse Farrier services that travel to barn here, run around $35 a trim. You are free to use your own farrier. )
Get/Hold Horse for Vet
Free Lunge Horse in Round Pen (30 minutes + hose off)
Wash Horse - Detangle Mane - Braid Mane- Clip Bridle Path Starting from $25
Video or Photos of Horse Starting from $150
Place Boarder Horse on our Sales List $200 setup fee(includes video/photos) + 10% commission if horse sells.

Third Party Vendor Services Available for your boarded horse from horse professionals that will travel to the barn - include farrier, Vet, Equine Dentist, Dressage HJ Lessons, Western/Roping Lessons, Western Horse training by the ride or monthly. . Email for vendor list and pricing.


Haul in Daily Fee For Non Monthly Boarders
(use of wash bay, indoor arena and trailer parking)
$20/day per horse

All horses must have current Coggins Papers. Coggins Papers are good for 1 year.
Boarders horses must be current on vaccinations.
Farrier services are available that travel here or you may use your own farrier.


We are located near the cities of Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Denton, Corinth, Bartonville, Argyle, Double Oak, Lake Dallas, and Argyle Texas.

The Ranch showing it fall colors.

Winter - Yes it snows in Texas. Our horse property has trees and ponds with occasional wildlife.

A cold fall day as the sun starts to set.








Call or email for an appointment to see our horses.
Visit our Virtual Barn on our Sales and Stallion pages- we have Online Movies of our horses for sale and at stud!
We support the next generation of equestrians by providing special discounts for horses that will be used in 4H activities.
Check out our Equine Links Page where you will find more information on
Arabian and Pinto horses, bloodlines, equine article sites, great places to shop and more.
Visit our Ring member sites for other Pinto and Arabian farms.

Cross Timbers Arabians and Pintos
Owners: Carol and Tim Morin
725 Estates Drive
Copper Canyon, TX. 75077-4813

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