Black Chaytan CTA
(LA Black Legacy AHR  x  Prissys Last Gal PtHA 101530)
Jan 31 2007 Black and White Tobiano Pinto Paint Half Arabian Filly

HAHR #1A363586
PtHA #130358
DNA Verification Testing for the Red and Agouti genes by UC Davis:
Chaytan has tested Homozygous for the Black gene!
She is tested (EE, aa). She can never produce a red and has no Agouti gene
Pictured at 2 weeks old above.
(Chaytan is the Amercian Indian Sioux word for Hawk)
(Note: blacks are not born black, but are born a mousy brownish grayish color,
when they shed off their foal coat the underlying hair will be black. The
best color depth first occurs after shedding off the winter coat in their yearling year. )

World Class Tobiano pinto markings. With both parents being well over 62 inches tall, this filly has the potential of maturing to 16 hands/1200lbs. Very correct legs now with incredible muscle and substance. This filly should excel in the PtHA color and halter classes as well as the Half Arabian horse shows. With her Arabian and Paint APHA cutting and reining bloodlines, she should make a good sized Western Pleasure or Cutting/Reining horse someday or with her elegant long legs and Arabian bloodlines, a Hunter or Dressage horse. This filly is already naturally striking the halter pose, doing flying lead changes, half passes, spins/turns on her powerful strong haunches and forequarters as well as demonstrating that Western Pleasure easy lope at liberty.

Take a look at her online video clip of her at only 1 week old, she shows her natural cutting or cow ability dancing back and forth and cutting a cat!

With her striking markings, you will definately get noticed by the judges.

Chaytan was imprinted at birth and what a nice disposition. At 1 day old, we have been picking up all of her feet, handling her legs and face, wearing a baby blanket and started the basics of leading with a halter on. This filly is something rare and special with her charismatic friendly, curious, bold personality and absolutely stunning black and white markings on her body with beautiful black and white on her mane and tail.

Chaytan has been DNA tested as a true genetic base coat of black without any agouti genes. Which is no surprise since her sire is DNA tested black and her dam is DNA tested as a homozygous black. Chaytan also has the extra special status of being homozygous for the black genes and will never produce a red.

Chaytan's sire, La Black Legacy, is a beautiful tall Black Egyptian Polish bred Arabian stallion. He is a The Minstril grandson and he also traces to imported dam lines as well as Varian Arabians National Park Horse Champion, Mikado.

Congratulations to J. Callesto of Silsbee, Texas.

Congratulatons to James and Black Chaytan CTA on her 2007 PtHA wins-
( the only baby at 4 months old in the classes against older horses):
Res. World Champion Tobiano Color Mares (All Ages), Pleasure and Saddletypes
Res. World Champion Pleasure Type Mare (All Ages), Amateur Owner to Handle
TT World Champion Pleasure Type Mares Open , Mares 2 and Under

Congratulatons on her 2008 Arabian Horse Association Region IX R. Championship win-
2008 Region IX Reserve Sport Horse Championship : HA-AA Fillys 2 and Under.

2 weeks old

Black Chaytan CTA
LA Black Legacy The Atticus The Minstril
Juliet LG FF Dandelion Wine
Juliana NSB
Prissys Last Gal
PtHA 101530
JD Bandit
APHA 277973
Pastor John 
APHA 158024
Miss CC Bandit
APHA 150336
Prissys Gal
PtHA 71686
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3 days old 3200Kb 5000Kb
7 days old
3000Kb 2700Kb







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