HaliBerry Bey CTA

(TAF Adonisbey+ x IV Silver Shadow )
April 11 2003 15.2H purebred Arabian Filly
Dark Grey #AHR*601610
Currently 15.2 hands tall at 3 years old, Hali should mature 15.2-16 hands.
4+ Generations of National Champions!
Pictured above in Dec 2006.
10+ months of professional training/riding under saddle
Currently being worked in Sport Horse disciplines of Dressage,
Hunter/Jumper and for Distance Trail Riding and is doing great!
Tall National Quality English Performance or Sport Horse show prospect.
Sells with a breeding to Leo Dakota GB for a Guaranteed Pinto Arabian foal.
Very refined head, with tiny muzzle - she can wear a yearling size halter!
Prefers people to other horses! A real gentle and loving young mare.

Hali is a very tall, big young filly that is often mistaken for a Warmblood Arabian cross, but Hali is all purebred Arabian! Her head with tiny muzzle is so small and refined that she can wear a yearling size halter!

She is a gentle horse that has never bit or kicked. Hali likes people and attention and will come up to the stall door for attention or follow you around the pasture. She has been described at the trainers barn as "not having a mean bone in her body". She has never gotten mad and bucked and reared. If you fall off , she will come back to you, preferring being by your side than running off.

Hali is a very healthy filly that maintains a kind disposition through her cycles, gets along with other horses in a pasture, can easily be kept out in a pasture with other horses or in a stall . She has very good feet and legs that are unblemished. She usually wears no shoes, as she wears her feet evenly and they don't chip and crack like some horse's feet will do. Hali has had only the best of care and the result is a very loving horse.

In her Feb 2006 video clip, you can see that she has been quietly started to keep her in a calm "thinking" mode so that she understands and does the basic walk/trot/canter/halt cues.

Since coming home to our ranch, she has been ridden as a Sport Horse and is also being worked out on the trails. Her first trail ride of just under 2 hours included exposure to dogs, lake side trails heavy with trees and vines, blowing bushes, motorcycles, walking down a road with cars and trucks, crossing ravines/creek beds and navigating fallen trees and heavy brush. Her first trail ride with Philippe Guillet was one of the best we have seen ridden with so many obstacles to work through. Hali has an incredible fast long reaching trot that can cover a lot of ground quickly. She never bucked or reared once and she has been ridden in the blowing rain, through creeks, over trees and by noisy traffic, She is doing great on her trail riding work and can be ridden out alone, taking the lead, boldly and very fast forward striding.

In her video clips we show her taking the jumps in her first time ever being worked with jumps. We were not sure what to expect as she had not been worked over them with the lunge line, but in only a few minutes worth of video taping we caught her on video demonstrating her natural ability and were amazed that she performed so naturally. We will be updating her videos under saddle as she progresses.

She could make a wonderful Sport Horse in Sport Horse in hand, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing/Endurance, Dressage as well as the traditional Arabian Show classes of Country Pleasure, Show Hack or Hunter under saddle for someone that has been professionally trained to ride.

She has the long neck, extra long legs, rolling front action, strong hindquarters with strong hock action as well as the extra size that could benefit a lot of English Performance or Sport Horse breeding programs.

Hali is very pretty dark dappled grey in her winter coat now and will turn a beautiful snow white later on as she gets older, similar to her pure Polish Arabian dam.

If you are looking for a "once in a lifetime" horse that has an incredible people disposition, the size to carry the majority of riders, the athletic ability to perform at most any sport and the heart to try and please you.. than don't miss out on this beautiful Arabian mare.

SOLD! - Congratulations to Phillippe Guillet on the purchase of this incredible filly.
We look forward to seeing you in the showring with her!

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HaliBerry Bey CTA TAF Adonis Bey+ HuckleBerry Bey++ 1984 US Nat’l  Res. Champion English Pleasure, 1979 US Nat’l Res. Futurity Stallion, US Nat’l Top Ten Stallion twice,  4 times US Nat’l Top Ten English Pleasure,  Cal-Bred Champion Futurity Stallion 1979, Legion of Merit, and Sire of Significance Bey El Bey++
US Nat. CH.
1977 Canadian Nat’l Champion Stallion, 1974 & 1976 US Nat’l Res. Champion Stallion, 6 times US Nat’l Top Ten Stallion, and Sire of Significance
Bay Abi++
1962 US Nat CH.
US Nat’l Top Ten English & Western Pleasure
Dam of 2 Nat’l Champions & 4 Legion of Merit Champions
Junior Champion Mare & Dam of Champions
1965 US Nat'l Champion Stallion; '73 US Natl Champ English Pleasure; Legion of Merit; Sire of Significance
Venus Del Nilo
3 time US Nat. CH
1979 Spanish Nat. CH
Farona Ku Jora Honey Ku
Nat. CH and sire of Natl CH.
Brusally Faronala
IV Silver Shadow *Grojor
Swedish Nat.Ch
Sire of Swedish, European, World and US Natl CH.
Swedish Nat CH, European Champion
Polish Sire ofInternational Significance, Sire of US Natl Champions, such as*Elkin+, Elkana
Eleonora (Witraz xZmora)
1975 Swedish Nat CH mare.
El-Trypoli (Trypolis x Eleonora x Witraz)
Dam of US Res.Nat’l Champion *
Gwalior and *Gwar, the sire of Rawar the 2 time US Natl Res. Park Horse
*Silver Dreamm Czaprak
Swedish Nat.CH
*El Paso US National Champion
Czatanoga (x Canaria x Trypolis)
Silver Springtime Cien
Swedish Nat Jr. Champion 1974
Silver Silhouette
Dam of Silver Starlet-Swedish Nat Champion Mare 1978

Photo Album         Pedigree Detail

Dec 2006 #1 1800KB Windows Media Video Clip.

October 2006 #1 1600KB Windows Media Video Clip.
October 2006 #2 2300KB Windows Media Video Clip.
October 2006 #3 2100KB Windows Media Video Clip.

June 2006 2000KB First Time over the Jumps Windows Media Video Clip.

Click here for her May 2006 2200KB Liberty Clip Windows Media Video Clip.
Click here for her March 2006 2000KB Liberty Clip Windows Media Video Clip.
Click here for her Feb 2006 2200KB Under Saddle Windows Media Video Clip.
Click Here to See her 3400 KB Windows Media Video at 5 months old.
Click here for her 2005 August 1100KB Liberty Windows Media Video Clip.
Click here for her 2005 Sept 2200KB Liberty Windows Media Video Clip.

Click here to see 3 time National Champion Venus Del Nilo.
Click here to see TAF AdonisBey+

Hali has 2 full brothers for sale!
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